Summary of Events In Mitrice Richardson's Disappearance

PLEASE Help US Find Mitrice Richardson

MITRICE RICHARDSON ~ Date of Birth ~ April 30, 1985
WEIGHT: 135lb
EYES: Hazel brown
HAIR: Medium brown (natural/curly)
TATTOOS: Lower abdomen, and behind neck
Last wearing: Brown Bob Marley T-shirt & Blue Jeans.

On September 16, 2009, at approximately 10:00pm, Mitrice Richardson was in the Malibu, California at Geoffry's restaurant, alone, where she was arrested for being under the influence, and for not having money in her possession to pay the tab. Mitrice sat at a table with indivduals whom she told that she was from Mars and spoke gibberish. The police were informed of this by the Geoffry's restaurant owner. (Please note that it was determined that she WAS NOT intoxicated.)

Before the arrest was made, Mitrice Richardson's family insisted they would pay the bill and had payment in hand in the form of a debit card, or credit card, whichever the manager, John, preferred. However payment was declined unless it was done via facsimile, which was not immediately available to Mitrice Richardson's family. Subsequently, her car was towed, and she was taken to the Lost Hills division of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, where she was originally booked for DUI. The charge has been changed to failure to pay tab. John, the manager of Geoffrey's stated she appeared under the influence when she arrived.

Mitrice Richardson was booked into custody sometime after 10:00pm, and then released shortly after 12:38AM. The officer in charge initially told her mother that she would be released at 4:30am. He later told her mother that she was released at 1:30am. (Please see inconsistencies in post below) The officers where aware Mitrice Richardson was not from the area. Deputy Cummings acknowledged that Mitrice Richardson left alone, walking up Agoura, but has recanted that statement. Mitrice Richardson had no money, food, water, identification or cell phone, wandering in a desolate area of canyons, coyotes and etc., foreign to her, while in a depressed state of mind. Mitrice Richardson is loved and supported by her family and friends. Mitrice Richardson is a crisis and is in danger. We must find her!

The Deputies were immediately made aware that this is not characteristic of Mitrice Richardson, and she is highly responsible, educated, employed, and is always in contact with family and friends.
Mitrice Richardson is a College Graduate from California State University of Fullerton, in Psychology, with a 4.00 GPA. She has recently taken, and successfully past the CBEST test to become a Substitute Teacher in the Los Angeles School District. Mitrice Richardson has been gainfully employed through her stint as a college student, to present. Mitrice Richardson is bi-lingual (Spanish). Mitrice Richardson has begun the process of acceptance into the Psychology Professional College, Alliant, to pursue her Doctoral Degree as a Clinical Psychologist. Mitrice Richardson has volunteered numerous hours at Hampton and Associates, as well as volunteering at non-profit organizations assisting children in disadvantaged areas in Orange County. Mitrice Richardson was 1st runner-up in the Miss Azusa Pageant, and a contestant in the Miss Fullerton Pageant. Mitrice Richardson is a trained and gifted dancer, in tap, jazz, lyrical, and with her focus and passion being ballet. Everyone who knows Mitrice Richardson, From Professor, Doctors, and Employers, to her family and friends, know her as a responsible and determined young lady, with many goals and aspirations. What has occurred within the last 48 hours in uncharacteristic of her.

Mitrice Richardson is a danger to herself, and Mitrice Richardson is in danger. Please, we need your help locating Mitrice Richardson.

Please contact Mr. Michael Richardson - Mitrice's Father

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