$10,000 Reward - Letter From Mr. Michael Richardson - Mitrice Richardson's Father

~ $10,000.00 REWARD~


Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have not found my daughter as of yet, but great things are happening to get her home as soon as possible. The following events have occurred thus far: on the evening of 10/14/2009; I spent 3 hours on the phone with Chicago Detective, Lisa Campbell. Ms. Campbell appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday, 10/13/2009, where she was granted the opportunity of speaking about her amazing capture of Phillip Garrido. As you may know, this is the guy who kidnapped a young lady 18 years ago.

Ms. Campbell was great in pointing me in some very positive directions based on our conversation last evening. Prior to speaking with Ms. Campbell, I had a 2 1/2 hour telephone interview with Scotty Reid from "Black Talk Radio, based out of Gastonia, North Carolina. Prior to this meeting, I sent the above attachments regarding my rebuttal to the Los Angeles Times regarding their article printed last Thursday, 10/8/2009 along with the REAL FACTS REGARDING MITRICE RICHARDSON'S DISAPPEARANCE. Exposing the true facts. After conducting many interviews after Leo Terrell, on KABC Talk Radio, Mr. Reid enabled me to once again educate the mixed and the undecided audiences with recent information, causing the new website http://www.bringmitricehome.org to overload!

The new website was created to appeal to Mitrice in a way that her family, friends and concerned citizens can reach out to her based on our individual personal experiences and relationship with her. For example, when logging on to the website you will see a very tranquil scene of an ocean view because Mitrice loves the ocean. In addition, this website will allow you to speak and communicate directly with me, Michael L. Richardson, the Father of Mitrice.

This accessibility is provided to provide the facts and discuss any concerns, misquotes or misprints added to make for a good story. We are also advertising the $10,000.00 reward being for Mitrice Richardson's return.

Last but certainly not least, there is a soft button to click on for information regarding the needed resources to continue our efforts to find Mitrice, (e.g., flyers, posters, water, retainers, etc.). Unfortunately, now that we have exhausted all of our monetary resources, I now have to set aside my pride and seek monetary assistance to help with lodging, car rentals and other expenses for the selected Private Detective. The great news is that most have agreed to waive their service fees in lieu of covering their miscellaneous expenses mentioned above.

Thank you for the continued interest and support in helping us to BRING MITRICE HOME!!

Father of, Ms. Mitrice L. Richardson, B.A.


  1. Mr. Richardson and Ms. Sutton
    , Unfortunately I am not bringing you news of seeing your precious daughter. I just want to pour my heart out to you and let you know that I'm just a 26 year old woman from Phoenix, Arizona that now resides in Columbus, Ohio, and majoring in Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement. I guess the reason I feel I must speak out is to let you know that I found out about Mitrice when I was looking up cases for my class. Since that day I have not been able to forget about her. I can't believe that there are still incompetent people out there that work for law enforcement. How dare them!! My heart cries for you and Ms. Sutton. I ask the Lord everyday why there is not more media attention to this case... When Natalie Halloway was missing from Aruba there was a huge out-cry. Why not for Mitrice!!???!! I'm angry just like you are, but I will never understand fully the grief you feel. I don't even know your daughter, but I just want you to know that I love her as a CHILD OF GOD. She is my sister in the eyes of the Lord, and I pray for her safe return. If the Lord has other plans, I pray that your family has the "closure" you all deserve. Whatever "closure" means, right? She is gorgeous, and not just by looks, but by her videos and her story I know she is a beautiful person on the inside and the outside. I can't say sorry because that shows grief, but we all have to remain strong not only for her but for others that are struggling in that situation. I love you Mr. Richardson, and Ms. Sutton, and I hope the both of you get the peace of mind you deserve. I lost my brother, but I've never had a CHILD to lose. You are strong, and the LORD will take care of you, please just keep your faith. With all of the love that's inside of me, GOD BLESS YOU!!. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU AND MAKE HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU, AND BE GRACIOUS UNTO YOU, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT! xoxoxo. Tara Schobelock.

  2. so very sad that these cops let this young girl go . seams hard to believe. Something bad has happened to this girl and the police know more then they are saying.
    We live in a dangerous time indifferent cops and all who are suppose to be in charge of our safety. I am outraged at what took place at that jail...they should fire everyone in that precint they are all responsible. Shame on them they will meet there maker. what goes around comes around. keep strong Im sure if she has left us she is with you always. But I do hope she is still here. god bless and my prayers are for your daughter and her loved ones. Sorry for your pain and suffering....its shocking!