Michael Richardson Contacted Mayor of Malibu, CA , Andy Stern, Regarding Missing Daughter

Mr. Richardson called Andy Stern, Mayor of Malibu On September 25, 2009 around 11:00 a.m.
When mayor Stern answered, Mr. Richardson asked, " is this Mr. Stern, he replied yes it is".
Mr. Richardson then asked, Andy Stern Mayor of Malibu, he again replied yes it is, who is this.
Mr. Richardson then began to introduce himself and was cut short after the mayor heard that he was speaking to Mitrice Richardson's father, the young lady who became missing after being released from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station.
In a very rude and annoyed tone, Mr. Stern stated
that he was sorry for Mr. Richardson's daughter and that he had nothing to do with that. He told Mr. Richardson in a very rude tone that he had one (1) minute to get his point across because he has a meeting to get to. As Mr. Richardson began to explain his concerns, he cut me off and said, "I told you I don't have anything to do with that, I do not tell the Sheriff's how to do their job, and he stated that Mr. Richardson needed to follow up with them. He then stated -If there isn't anything further he had to go because he was late for a meeting and before Mr. Richardson could reply he hung up on Mr. Richardson.

Mr. Richardson called Mr. Stern right back and stated I believe we were disconnected, he stated no, I told you there isn't anything I can do for you and please stop calling me, and hung up again." After staring at Mr. Stern's Coldwell Banker Realtor page, which is how Mr. Richardson was able to obtain his phone number, Mr. Richardson came up with an idea. He called Mr. Stern from a different number and informed him that he played professional football and was interested in the property located on, 31522 Broad Beach Road listed at $5,600,000.00 (Five Million - Six Hundred Thousand Dollars). Jokingly, he started the conversation off with negotiating the price, and would you know it, Mr. Stern showed him a more gentler side? Mr. Richardson could picture a smile just like the one below, however it was quickly removed when Mr. Richardson had to inform Mr. Stern that he thought that it was really down right heartless when the mayor could get excited abut a commission as opposed to finding his daughter. Mr. Stern then hung up on Mr. Richardson once more and did not bother to pick up again.

Strange thing though, the following Monday, September 28, 2009, Mr. Richardson received a call from Sgt. Jeff Price, of the Lost Hills Sheriff's station to relay the following: Mr. Richardson, Andy wanted me to call you to let you know that he's the Mayor and doesn't have anything to do with police work, but we are doing everything we can to find your daughter. " Mr. Richardson responded to Sgt. Price the following, tell Andy why not be a man and call me himself. Also, if Andy doesn't have any say so on what the Sheriff does then why are you on my phone telling me what Andy asked you to do?" There was a pause, and I stated, that's what I thought have a nice day and hung up.

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