Although the supporters of The Committee To Find Mitrice Richardson ( are very grateful for Congresswoman Maxine Waters assistance, the record needs to be made clear in regard to her level of support where the Department of Justice is concerned.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters would have her constituents believe that she has worked tirelessly to garner the cooperation of the Department of Justice in support of Mitrice Richardson’s disappearance. The Fact Is – that is an untruth.

On April 7, 2010 Michael Richardson submitted a letter to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Section of Disability Rights. This letter included 5,300 signatures from a petition. Michael Richardson submitted this letter to the Disability Rights section of the DOJ at the suggestion of Nancy Lockhart, M.J., a legal analyst working with his committee. ( As a result, a letter campaign was initiated and a sample letter was posted for supporters of The Committee To Find Mitrice. This letter was initially e-mailed, faxed and mailed to President Obama and the US Justice Department by numerous supporters.

The Fact Is – On May 6th Waters constructed a letter to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Section of Disability Rights – A month after Michael Richardson initiated this action. Waters has simply acted upon the countless hours of research that The Committee To Find Mitrice Richardson members have conducted.

The Fact Is – Waters has not shown an interest in this case since her letter to the FBI dated December 22, 2009. Five months later she grabs the ball and runs with Michael Richardson’s resources.

On May 10, 2010, Michael Richardson met face to face with congresswoman Maxine Waters as she left the press conference of Reggie Jones – Sawyer. Jones-Sawyer is running for the Democratic nomination to the 47th State Assembly District.

Upon approaching the congresswoman she hid behind one of her staff members stating that she would speak with Michael Richardson if he removed the camera and recorder. Richardson immediately complied. Upon introducing himself to Waters she stated that she knew who Michael Richardson was. In addition she stated “You’re the one who has been using up all of my staff’s time regarding your daughter’s case.” Richardson responded – “isn’t that what my tax dollars are for?” In addition, Richardson stated “it would not be necessary if you and your staff would at least return a phone call.” Waters replied, “they do” at this point Richardson asked, “are you calling me a liar?” The conversation progressed to a discussion regarding the next steps which involved the Department of Justice findings within the next couple of weeks. Richardson then requested that Waters not go behind his back and undermine the hard work which is continuously places in his daughters case. Richardson stated that it’s a “slap in his face” and thanked Waters for her time.

Again, Congresswoman Water’s assistance is appreciated.

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