The Community Forum With Sheriff Lee Baca

on 12/6/2010, you missed a rare opportunity to have your issues of concerns with Law Enforcement heard. Note, I did not say resolved, I said heard!

Steve Whitmore graced us with his presence and began to sink down in his seat and cover his face as I spoke about what a fine job he does as a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department. As you know, Mr. Whitmore does an outstanding job at placing a spin and twist on all actions and activities conducted by Sheriff's personnel, especially when they are "called on the carpet" for any wrong doing and/or for reporting falsified information to the public. Even more appropriately, Michael Gennaco, who was also present, should change their name from Office of Independent Review to Office of Dependent Review.

Sheriff Lee Baca did not refute any of the facts I outlined regarding the way Mitrice was unjustedly mistreated on the night of September 17, 2009 and how I, the father of Mitrice, continue to be unjustedly treated in my efforts to seek answers and justice for my daughter.

~ Michael L. Richardson, father ~

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