Mitrice Richardson’s Father Snubbed by LAPD Detective in Las Vegas

From Jasmyne Cannick

July 30, 2010 · 167 Views · 1 Comment

Michael Richardson on 7/29/2010 Las Vegas Press Conference

Most media doesn’t have the guts and in some cases the know how to report what really happens behind the scenes. That’s just a fact. And watching the news tonight, you might think that everything was honky dory in Las Vegas at the press conference for Mitrice Richardson, but that was from the case. So here’s what you won’t read about in the newspaper or see on the television news report.

Michael Richardson, the father of missing Mitrice Richardson was never notified about yesterday’s press conference in Las Vegas by authorities. He was never invited to the press conference by authorities.

He only found out about the press conference through Los Angeles Times reporter Carla Hall who inquired if he was planning on going.
He was now, he thought.

Michael has taken the rest of the week off from work because when he got off work Wednesday evening, he purchased a one-way ticket on Southwest Airlines for $161 to Las Vegas leaving Thursday morning at 6:15 a.m. He paid for the ticket himself with money collected from supporters online and at a recent fundraiser in Leimert Park. He booked a room in downtown Las Vegas near the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department where he was told the press conference would be.

He arrived in Las Vegas without incident and caught a taxicab to his hotel. By then he had received word that the press conference for 11 a.m. was now going to be 22 miles away from where he was staying.

After confirming this was the case—by way of a three-way call with a very hostile Las Vegas Police Officer in charge of the event who actually asked Michael if he’d gotten permission to come to Las Vegas and participate in the press conference for his own missing daughter—Michael paid $45 dollars taxicab fare one way to get there.

As timing would have it, when his taxicab arrived in front of the Enterprise Area Command Center, LAPD Detective Chuck Knolls happened to be out front—Michael believes waiting on him.

Detective Knolls told Michael that he could not participate in the joint press conference between the LAPD, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments but that if he so wanted in the 108 degree whether, he could hold his own press conference outside.

So that’s just what he did. He let the media known himself that he was Mitrice’s father who came in from Los Angeles but wasn’t allowed to go to the police’s press conference but that he’d be happy to talk to them outside in the 108 degree weather about his daughter, including the fact that he’d reported seeing her in January to the same detectives who are now “hot on the case.”

Michael will be in Las Vegas for the rest of week to look for his daughter.

Why is it that when it comes to news about his daughter, Michael Richardson has to hear about on the news or from news reporters? Why is it that the LAPD and LASD personnel assigned to his daughter’s case continue to keep him in the dark and act as if he’s a pain in their ass when it’s actually the other way around? Do you think that the LAPD and LASD would have acted this way if they were dealing with a white mother and father looking for their white daughter? Who tells the parents of a missing person that the y are not welcome at a press conference to talk about a sighting of their missing daughter. Who does that?

Something to think about.

Please pray, chant, sprinkle holy water, light an incense, give up an offering at the altar, or whatever it is that you do to the higher being of your belief for Michael Richardson and Mitrice’s family.

Some of us would have been underneath the jail by now had they blocked us from participating in searching for our own child…I’m just saying.


  1. Perhaps you weren't allowed in because you are constantly blaming the Police, always trying to make it a "racial" thing. Why don't you wake up and start placing the blame where it belongs, on your daughter and her upbringing, not on the Police. I'm sure her days of visiting you in jail is just part of his dysfunction.

  2. what a racist comment......Um she was on the deans list you jerk...

  3. Why was LE made the enemy from the get go? If Mr. Richardson saw Mitrice back in January why did he not take to the press with that back then; especially if alledgedly LE did not follow up? My thoughts are with Mitrice and it must be horrific for her family and love ones to have her missing. For me excessive anger from both her parents seems to predominate when they make statements. Finding Mitrice almost takes a secondary role to that and I find that most disconcerning. Prays for Mitrice.

  4. So a person on the Deans list gets arrested for being intoxicaed, unable to pay a high end restaurant bill and manages to get her car impounded because of Marijuana possession. Her good grades really paid off, in the common sense and good morals departments. A peson suspected of having "mental health issues" should be better cared for and closely monitored by their family. They have no one to blame but themselves for failing he and her needs.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Matrice. Do not let the negative comments cause you more pain, you have enough to mourn over. She was your daughter, u love her and will miss her always.
    Just know that there are many of us out here in Internet land who mourn with u in your loss.

  6. The parents of Matrice did EVERYTHING they should have done - This entire tragedy was due to the police officials, in a grand lack of judgement and official procedures, by letting this young vital woman literally roam a dessert with no vital necessities for survival. The final lack of judgement and against procedure held a press conference releasing the information of the discovery of her body. Without granting the courtesy of adivsing next of

  7. From what I understand here he was told he couldn't participate, not that he couldn't attend.

    Would it have killed him to keep his mouth shut and listen to what they had to say?

    Legally her parents couldn't be notified because she was a legal adult. They also couldn't legally hold her past what they did. They followed the law and procedure. Do they need to change? Maybe. BUT what needs to change is this guy blaming the cops when apparently his daughter was out when she couldn't take care of herself. That is on the parents for not gaining Guardianship and placing her in an institution.

    Did she deserve it? No. But what happened happened and that's what an accident is.

  8. Her parents sure come across as being money hungry individuals living in huge denial.

  9. Wow, ABSOLUTEY UNBELIEVABLE, at how COMFORTABLE some of u r @patronizing a family whose daughter was murdered w/your crast condescending horrific statements. Its 1 thing 2 Think-It, but its another 2 take the time 2 type it, THEN send it TO THE FAMILY...DURING their time of loss, too...WITH A MURDER? Wow, reserve ur support if u want, BUT to DISCREDIT them is blatantly DEMONIC.