President Obama To Appear On America's Most Wanted This Saturday - Chelsea King

President Obama will be on America's most wanted this Saturday, March 6th, discussing Chelsea King, Mitrice Richardson is not mentioned anywhere. The Father of Mitrice is outraged and calls for campaign to AMW. Please contact through the link below. Ask that AMW - America's Most Wanted - Cover The Mitrice Richardson case also.

White Female Found in 5 Days…167 Days Later Still No News in Disappearance of Mitrice Richardson,


  1. This is a shame!!!! I'll spread the word!

  2. I went to the AMW website to give the word about Mitrice. It seems there's a lot more to it (details including police reports etc. need to be sent to the actual AMW address along with photos and such), but I did send them an email and the link I hope it helps.

  3. Obama is not allowed to care about a white girl?

    I did not hear that Obama was involved in the case of missing Amber DuBois, Haleigh Cummings,
    Gabriel Johnson, and the list goes on.

    But because Matrice is black Obama should have jumped on the case? How fair is that to him?